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Full Version: MiniCalendar
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Hi, it would be nice to have a plugin that sets a minicalendar on index.

There used to be one for MyBB 1.2 but I can't even find it xD (it was called "Simple Calendar On Index")


Color when there are events
Color when there are birthdays
Color when there are events and birthdays

(This colors means the font color in wich should be displayed the numbers of these days, so they hightlight form the "normal" days <days without events and birthdays>)

where on index? well, when plugin is active, we should select where to place it (may be something like {$minicalendar}). Myself, I would put it inside a "side box" (another great plugin from labrocca).

Any chances to get it done? Big Grin

I've searched but couldn't find anything. The most likely plugin is "events on index" from crakter, but the idea here is a minicalendar, so you can see all the month in a easy way.
This would be quite cool.
K, I finally found the plugin file for MyBB 1.2.


labrocca, I hope this gives ideas to you, or that you can upgrade it to 1.4. The minicalendar is a very cool gadget Big Grin

Edit: it says for portal but it would be useful to have it on index page. I remember I managed to make this work on index page ^^