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Full Version: (Mod Idea) Avatars
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Is it possible to make a mod that allows different a different avatar size for different member groups.

For e.g. in the Admin control panel an Admin can set the Avatar size for Registered members to something like 25x25px, Mods 50x50px, Super mods to 75x75px etc.
I've suggested this at MyBB but it seems no one has any use for it... It'd be really useful to me since my usergroups are set up in a way that the more posts you have the more permissions you'll have. It'd be a nice bonus to frequent users to be able to have a more graphic avatar, such as a long lasting animated gif image.

As much as I'd like it, and yourself, it's not too likely it'll be coming in handy..

For one, the avatar size won't be useful. It will completely throw off the look of the board, unless designed perfectly... It'll look weird with avatars of all different shapes and sized...

As for the size limit this is what would be useful as it won't affect the appearance...