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Full Version: No Right Click
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Is there something that won't allow users to save pictures that are posted on the forum.. Some members on my forum have pictures of themselves and don't want other members to save ot copy them...

I know it's a strange request but does that exist ?
A No Right Click thing for the forum like the one we can use on html

Realistically that method is easily overcome. This really isn't worth it. Screenshot programs are commonplace and there is no way around that method. Sorry but protecting your images is tough. Maybe your best option is watermark.
yea watermark is your best shot....Big Grin
Sorry, but what is watermark really?
Puts an image over the image so that you can't use it for anything else. Like when you see things with example example example all over them.
Is there one where it puts watermarks into your videos ?
Ya.. just google it. All of the popular sites used it.. Look at nothingtoxic, metacafe, and such, they put their logo into the bottom right corner. Really not sure how it works though tbh. Couldn't be all that difficult to set up and I'm not sure of how you'll go about doing this...

Will the videos be owned by you?...