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Small little site I made a few weeks back. Gonna add more tutorials tonight.. Smile I'd love it if maybe you submitted some? Smile
Very nice site there Dalton.
How did you make the image uploading system?
2 things I'd like to point out Dalton... but besides these everything looks good.

When going to the side the big letters "MyBB Tuts"... is really unattractive... and it's huge. Maybe scale down on it a bit... and possibly use a new font, add some small images/graphics blended in with the header.

On the forum the background doesn't really fit well. Instead of using black with grey stripes maybe use a light white color with light blue stripes.

Good luck with things Smile
Whoops, forgot about my own thread.
@Icy: I'd help, but I completely forgot where I got it from and I don't have the zip anymore. I got it from some site that I google upload photos php or something like that.

@atomicj: I agree it's not that nice. I'm actually planning on getting a different layout, even though the current one was customly made.. :/ About the forum background: It's from the site, I tried making the themes look as close to the site as I could.
Don't need a new theme or layout, just change your header logo and forum background. Other than that it all looks good.
Well I've been thinking of getting a different layout, one that I can build into the forums.
Not bad Smile And oh, if you are going to keep the theme, at least get rid of that useless blue border going around the container.

Maybe you can make the theme match the website template.
Done, thanks for the tip. Smile
One more thing - It's hard to read black navigation on a dark grey background. Make it white maybe?
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