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Full Version: Forum sponsor?
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hi, I want to add a link inside the forum description, to that I can have : forum sponsored by: link here.

I have used the correct html: <a href="">Link text</a>


When I save and view the forum, there is a problem ,see screenshot.

How can I solve this? Is there a plugin that can manually ad forum sponsored by links into the description?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=12530]
Edit the forum description in admincp and add html.
(Jan 28, 2009, 03:31 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Edit the forum description in admincp and add html.


That's exactly what I've been doing, but it's appearing like that.
Also, this seems to work fine on my other website, it's just on this site part of the html appears in the ficons column!
Hmm, yeah I can confirm that happens actually.
Anyway this can be fixed? Sad Works fine without the ficons Sad but I love the ficons Sad
Oh..I know why...

Alter the templates edited by Ficons. You can do that be searching for "ficons" and it should pull up the edited templates.

Now alter the alt="{$forum['description']}" to just alt=""

The html in the alt tag is screwing it up. Sorry.
Thank you! Big Grin
Thanks for this, I had to disable ficons because of this Big Grin Thanks