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MyBB Studios is a v2 of the recent Divine Studios.

Divine Studios was a site that I made where I can post my MyBB Themes. However, I didn't post many. Later, I realized my lack of motivation to make themes was coming from the extreme annoyance it took into updating my site. Because it is static and everything is all HTML and stuff, I need to edit like 10 million different files to get one theme up.

I have decided to adopt Labrocca's method of distributing work, by making a forum and charging a small fee for access to the downloads (hope you don't mind :-/)

There is only a few themes at the moment, but rest assured, I will be adding many more. The cost is currently $5/year (30% donated back to MyBB) for Subscriber access. I may or may not change this price over time.

MyBB Studios
Looks good Smile

Good luck to you!

We are running a promotion in which you can get a free subscription for referring members! This will be great for you if you have an active forum with members looking for themes!
I like what you are trying to accomplish. I am hoping you do well with it.
Thank you labrocca Smile