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Full Version: Side box--Latest thread view
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My side box have 10 latest thead show. But I want to show 5 latest thread in side box. Now how can I make it?
Which sidebox plugin is it??
Hello YoungTalk and MattR,
I answered his question over at MyBBoard: MattR, you are more then welcome to correct me if I made a mistake in my answer.

This is not perfect ans for me. See mybbcentral latest thread in side box. Here show only 5 thread. How make it here?
I think okitai is right, should shows the same amount as the number of announcements in the portal settings. What sort of answer are you expecting??
Actually, I can now tell you that I was right. I used labrocca's plugin (instead of Zahar's) and I had the chance to check my statement about it. It does exactly as I answered. YoungTalk, if for any reason at all, you do not want me to give you answers and/or you don't trust my answers, please tell me so I'll know that for the future.

yes now it working. thanks okitai and MattR.