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Full Version: Changing icons that are at the end of post!???
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How do I change the icons that appear at the end of every post, for example, for one theme I am using one icon set and the other I am using another, the default mybb icons for example. I can't find the template that lets me change, for example the 'PM user' ICON from the global to a specific image.

Do you mean the postbit images...?? They're in the 'english' folder of the theme.
Yes I do, if I replace them they get replaced for every theme. I want to manually edit the templates to change the links to different images, I've already done it with the show thread _ new thread and forumdisplay_newreply
No, they'll use the folder of whatever theme you use. If you have your theme at ./images/theme/ the buttons will be at ./images/theme/english/. If your theme is at ./images/hello/ the buttons will be at ./images/hello/english/.
So there is no way I can change the images for the theme?

Yes, it'll use whatever is in the image folder, that's what I've been saying.