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Full Version: [Request] PM Popup
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Hello there's

I want a plugin that popup a window when one sends you a PM

I think that it would be a great plugin if it made

whats your idea ?
yeah, i think this should be made

like IPB, when you get a PM, it shows a small box showing you a little bit of the PM
Isn't the notification bar enough?? I for one hate pop-ups, and I would either get a pop-up blocker, or turn off PMs.
not pop-ups in the sense. if it was pop ups i wouldnt go to the site

should be something like the IPB notification, join an IPB board and get a PM youll see
Mybb 1.2x had that. It's annoying and I am glad it was changed to current version. Many people use popup blockers so they can be ineffective.
but the one like in IPB isnt considered a pop up, and cant be blocked my a pop up blocker
But it's still something opening up at you, and as it can't be blocked, there's a good chance I'd turn off PMs if I were to be put in that position.
@ matt > Dear it is seen in VB and i like it much,
You didnot need to block a popup, bcz it does not harm your pc at all
It's not about 'harming the pc', I don't like things that pop up at me in any way, it's too intrusive.