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This is something I did quickly that might lower the number of people asking why they can't download. I've just edited my Awaiting Activation Message plugin to show a message to non-subscribers, giving them a link to the subscribe page.


If you don't want to use it, I'm not that bothered, all I really did was a mass search and replace to rename the functions and variables from my other plugin as it does pretty much the same thing. Just an idea if you want to use it Smile And for anyone else, as it says in the file, 'You may edit for your own personal forum but must not redistribute it in any form without my permission'.

Thats a very good idea,

Where we place this file ?

in the root or inc/plugins
It's a plugin, so ./inc/plugins Smile
ahan nice plugin
nice plugin
What plugin is this related to? Labrocca's?
Isn't related to anything, I was just bored Tongue
This works with what subscribing plugin?
Sorry, but I have to bump this for use on this site.
99% of new members are just not reading or remembering the initial pm you receive upon registration at MyBB Central.
Labrocca, if you do not want to use Matt's suggestion, maybe you can incorporate an onclick function into your download links that produce a prompt telling them why they may not be able to download a plugin.
Or maybe a brightly colored notice on each download page (you can maybe edit the Cool Download plugin to accomplish this) with an internal note to non-subscribers.

This is just feedback. I'm sure many members, including yourself and your staff, are saying "oh, here we go again" each time someone asks "Why can't I download?"
With all due respect to those that aren't subscribers, the pm sent to you upon registration is done so for a reason. There are multitudes of posts explaining why you can't download.
Obviously, the current methods aren't working. I personally feel something more "In your face" should be implemented.
As I stated, this is only my personal feedback, and I do not want to speak for anyone else. And no disrespect to anyone is intended Smile
Yeah, I personally start to get really irritated when there's like 2 or 3 posts on a single page containing the link because people have asked, and then they ask again... half the posts in some of the release threads are either asking why someone can't download, or giving the link... as I said before, I really don't care at all if you don't want to use this particular method but I do think something more should be added. I don't think some people even read the PM; I've seen people who have posted asking why they can't download within 2 minutes of registering. It should be enough, but, apparently, isn't.
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