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Full Version: I need some help, please!
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I I would nicely ask to help me 3 things explained below.

See this picture, this is screenshot of my sites down bottom.
U can see the space. I wanna fill that space with body, so no space will be able to see down there.
Anyone knows how to do that?

[Image: topdownspace.png]

Look at the pic below:

[Image: posttitle-1.png]

I want to move that title post to tha bar above next to the date and time. Also i wanna move that "Post _ " above it. Anyways if u dont understand me, pic tells you everything.
So how to do that?

i wanna place an little image on a category bar, next to the name of the category forum. See the image below:

[Image: littleimage.png]

So i if anyone knows how to these stuff, please help me. I will appriciate.
Thanks in advance Smile
Anyone? please.