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Full Version: [Request] Ability to remove sideboxes
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An option to remove the sideboxes from the home page, and this setting is stored for a users account.

Maybe a text link "Remove side boxes" removes them from your account until enabled again in settings.

Why do you want users to be able to remove the sideboxes? Don't you use them to show users/guests some info about your forum? Isn't this info important (to you / to the user/guest)?
I, for example, use it to say "thanks" to my users. And I, also, use it for Google AdSense - This gives me some, small, income.

For example, I don't like seeing the sidebox but some of my users do. They're not good for the fixed width sites.

I think an option to disable / enable the sidebox would be excellent.

My site.
If you want a checkbox for remove side boxes in profiles you can do it.

Go into the admincp and create a custom profile field. Make it a select box. Type a question where YES is displayed and NO is not displayed.

Now change 2 lines in your my_side_boxes.php plugin file.

From this:
if ($mybb->settings['mysidebox_display'] != "3") {

To this:

if ($mybb->settings['mysidebox_display'] == "3" || $mybb->user['fidX'] == "NO") {

To this (X must be your custom profile field id number):

Then change this line too:

if ($mybb->settings['mysidebox_display'] != "2") {

To this:

if ($mybb->settings['mysidebox_display'] != "2" || $mybb->user['fidX'] == "NO") {

That should do it.