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Full Version: Time Between Registrations
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There's a setting called Time Between Registrations, I was wondering how I could default it to 0, so that an IP can never register another account with the same IP. At the moment I've got 99999999 hours, is there any way to change this?

Quote:Time Between Registrations
The amount of time (in hours) to disallow registrations for users who have already registered an account under the same ip address
Isn't there a setting for max number or registrations per IP?? Setting that to 1 should work.
Yeah I've set that, but I thought it was required to complete this section as well.

Sorry, I'm new to MyBB, installed it yesterday. I'm used to phpBB, vB and IPB :S

EDIT: I've just removed the hours and I was able to register with the same IP.
Try to see if it will accept a decimal like .01
Decimals and negatives don't work Sad
Anymore ideas? :S