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Full Version: [Request] Remove <navigation> from home
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A plugin that easily removes the <navigation> from the index.php template.

Took me ages to add the navigation to every template needed but not the home. do know there is a "search and replace" feature in the templates system?
The default nav is in the header template, I think he wants to remove it from only the index as it only shows the board name, it's not that useful being on the index.
Sometimes custom alterations require php file editing. If you really want everything exactly how you want may have choice. A plugin cannot solve your every problem.
Yeah I just want it off the index page. So I had to go an remove it from the header and then manually add it below the header to tons of templates except the home page. I've got six themes so it will take me ages to do the other 5. It looks much nicer without it on the home page.
All you needed to do was alter the navigation code in index.php then.
The navigation code is in the header. The header is pulled by every page.
Probably a quick plugin hooked into index_end to clear out that variable would work.
Sorry for "necro posting", but... does anyone know how to get ride of the breadcrumbs on the index?

What would be the core files edit?