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Full Version: Thanks Button
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Can someone make a thanks button where when clicking it doesnt stay on something saying Loading and thats it ?

Theres a big a massive demand for this as ive seen it on MyBB Community forums Tongue
Have you tried Lex's?

I can't say it doesn't freeze, but I know of it.

Hope that helps.
Lex's really isn't very fully featured.

Salman, I made a post about this on MyBB and Labrocca said he would think about it.
Well i hope there is one soon

It seems like the best plug in available for MyBB :p

I agree. The one's that exist so far are pretty buggy as far as plugins go. They all refuse to install if the database tables are still in place, and a lot of features don't work or work badly.

From what I've seen, all the thank you plugins I can find are based on the same initial codebase. Perhaps the best thing to do is to start fresh.
I have something in mind. I am not 100% sure yet on how I will proceed though. The project list continues to grow. Sad