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Full Version: Looking for a partner
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Hey i have a plan for a site, and i need help. mostly with php. i need someoen who can code easliy. i am a bored teen who wants to make a site for people to just chill.

pm me for some more info
What's your site about? You should have told us that, because some people couldn't like the subject of your site.
Oh and I'm not interested, PHP isn't my thing.

More info. on site.
Well the main site will be fun stuff with a side chat, (no idea the service as of yet) with a forum for boredem sports chats Etc (gerneral chat)

And it provides free hosting. I am getting the domain once i start getting shizz done.
bump? anyone interested at all?
Honestly, I'm interested but not qualified :/

I'm posting to tell you that there are some who are interested who just can't do it. Apologies
Not interested. Could help you with the coding, but 1) still don't know what you want 2) topic is way too broad.
Yeah I agree with Ricardo-san... plus any projects I get into I expect some sort of return.