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Full Version: Super Admin password
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I lost my Super Admin password, can some one guide me how to change it through cpanel phpmyadmin?
Create a new user then copy the salt and password from that user to your old user.
Nice Tutorial MattR Big Grin
MattR can you please update the link, it seems the link is dead!!
Really need to get that back online.

Query you need is this:

PHP Code:
UPDATE `mybb_usersSET `password` = '098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6', `salt` = '' WHERE `uid` = 'X'

Change the X to your UID and then login with test as the password.
why is learnmybb down anyways?
ask the site!!
Server died and I haven't got round to transferring it to my other one.