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Full Version: Problem with Database backup.
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SQL query:

-- MyBB Database Backup
-- Generated: 11th February 2009 at 12:52
-- -------------------------------------
CREATE TABLE `admin_users` (
`fname` varchar( 20 ) default NULL ,
`uname` varchar( 50 ) default NULL

MySQL said:  
#1050 - Table 'admin_users' already exists

That is the problem I get. What exactly am I doing wrong? :S
(PS, I am moving my forums from a subdomain to the full domain, not sure if that matters though?)
#1050 - Table 'admin_users' already exists

Seems obvious. The table exists. You may have tried to run the query twice. Delete all tables and start again. If it timesout you may need to break up the database with something like an sql splitter (bigdump).
You beat me to it. After I posted I did it right, sorry, my bad :x.