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Full Version: 1.2x no longer supported here
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I am officially closing the 1.2x section and I will no longer support my plugins for that series.

Thank you.
Wise move IMO.
I have to agree. The security fixes alone, not to mention the added features, should be enough for everyone to want to update to the latest version.
Good move.
I also agree good move. (Youve spelt the thread title wrong ;P Longer!)
you made a spelling mistakeTongue
* MattR adds the 'r'

MyBB will still be supporting 1.2 for a while I think, I just wish people who aren't using it would stop posting in the 1.2 forum, not very useful when that happens. 8/10 new threads in the 1.2 forum should be in 1.4.
About time.