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Full Version: mathematical equations
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i'm trying to found the way to write mathematical equations into a post.

Is there any solution or plugin?

Maths is a wide subject, what type of equations are we talking? Like, fractions or indecies, etc.?
i'm talking about mathematical formulas, and physic formulas
calculus-type formulas? like integrals and derivatives?
for example i want to type the formula y=a/x like this:


without the ~ characters ( i use ~ only for the wright syntax of the expression)


maybe you don't understand.....
i'm looking something like Latex to intergade with myBB forum
You mean so it actually appears as it should, like this??

[Image: 8c58ae2d322a33f3036800d96db0e91a.png]
yeah, I think that's what he wants. It would be usefull on a physics forum...
Yeh i agree not sure how hard that would be o develop but it would be great for Physics Forums and Maths and enginerring etc actually there is a load of uses for it.
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