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Full Version: Who have you repped??
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Just a thought, why not have something that shows you what reps you've given?? Just the same as your rep count, but showing the username you gave it to, and the comment.
I don't use rep, but this would be cool.
Not a bad idea.
I saw you maked that plugin but i can't find it. Can someone give me link?
Isnt this on HF? "Given"
(Mar 13, 2010, 12:05 AM)AuToGrApHzZz Wrote: [ -> ]Isnt this on HF? "Given"

Thats what I thought. But I guess not?
I have repped lot of people
but i don't remember their names now
btw nobody repped me xD
labrocca maked this but he will keep it for him i think.
Yeah, labrocca made it but wont release it >.<
I do believe there is a plugin made by someone on here that shows the reps exactly like the "Given" feature at HF.

If not it couldn't be hard. Just re-script some of the reputation.php.