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Full Version: why i cannot download from attachment
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help please
>.> Have you read any stickies? Read the news bar at the top? or read any other previous posts about this?

You cannot download because you do not have a subscription here. Subscriptions are $5 (USD) payed via Paypal.

Or for a free way to do it, complete 100 SPAM FREE posts here:
? How was forever98 able to post with a post count of 0?
Off topic area not added to post count?

Anyways i feel this is an issue that needs a different approach to fix. Perhaps taking away the ability for non subscribed members from even viewing the attachments? Or perhaps a popup or rollover when they try download attachment or some such thing. Far far to many "why cant i download" posts. This problem has been addressed many times here to be honest and i feel needs attention??
Sheez. That many some times there one post after another. So one may well assume that new members dont even browse the forum or read the pms sent to them rather just try download after reg. So i think a different approach is in order???
Just my silly opinion to be honest. But it bugs me and i can only imagine is pisses off Labrocca also.
Not to mention the other regulars here!!
Obviously the new notice still isn't enough.
ahh i thought MattR would have fixed all with the SUBSCRIBE button, but guess not