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Hey guys

please check

in the botto, where they show images for new posts, no new posts etc... where it says new posts, it says {1} New posts, and if logged in, it says it in sidebox too

Please help
Is it a problem?
Yep i see what you are saying.
I got rid of that whole area long ago so i am not sure where its located.
But i agree that looks ordinary. Hope you can get it fixed mate. Well im sure you can but sorry i cant help other than to say good luck.
Someone here will. Labrocca or Bey Brad etc. Some great members here to help out.
EDIT: There is a language conflict with index and a portal box. Here is the fix:

In portal.lang.php find this:

$l['new_posts'] = "{1} new posts";

Change it to this:

$l['new_posts_portal'] = "{1} new posts";

Now in admincp templates edit "portal_welcome_membertext".

Replace this:


With this:


One last inc/plugins/my_side_boxes.php alter any instance of $lang->new_posts into $lang->new_posts_portal

^ from the sideboxes thread
Great post Bey Brad. New you would answer it.
You are an asset to this place mate.
i actually encountered the same error before and asked about it and someone pointed me to the answer ... that's why i knew it haha
How else would we know the answer xD
Another minor bug I should fix. I think I might upgrade My Side Boxes with a couple new features.
Awesoe labrocaa

a good feature would be to have it's own settings page instead of settings in portal

and about 2-3 settings where we can enter for new boxes ( it should automatically take the thead_bg, and make the threads etc.. )
I am going to continue to use existing settings where I can since adding more settings is just overhead.

Adding boxes is easy and we provide the instructions. It works faster via the templates system.
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