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Full Version: Need Help Please
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I know someone will most likly know what the answer to this is so I will
ask and see who can help me get this fixxed


the grey on the right side of the corner


hope someone can help me

thanks Shy
Hey techo man. Thats a weird problem to be sure. If it was me and i had that i would find the color. #c2c2c2 or whatever and start searching the css to find it and change it to #000000 but thats only how i would do it. Not saying it would even work in this case as you have some add running there so not sure.
To be honest i have never seen it before and are rather eager to hear exactly how its fixed.
well im going to Mybb Mods and going to ask the (AUTHOR MOD)
i will speak and find him to tell me how to fix this
since i added the mod this is what it has done to me

why is your www your website is down ?

The issue here is there's a missing table cell in the templates that the ad plugin must have added. Maybe a colspan on the adblock's table cell will fix it. Can't quite tell otherwise, as it's hard to see the thumbnails and I can't view attached images since the board thinks I'm downloading when I'm only trying to view an image.
hey so if i were to give you access to the admin panel would you think you can solve the problem

right now i disabled 2 mods to get rid of the error

but i would like to be able to get this fixxed so i then can put both mods back up
Sure, PM me the details if you wish. Wink
ok please make sure you go into a subform to see the actual grey thingy when viewing ...
i sent you my details