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Full Version: Help with default theme/templates... doesn't look right, at all
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My forum just recently switched from MyBB 1.2 to 1.4.4, and the default theme on the forums looks absolutely attrocious. There seems to be absolutely no structure, no borders around anything, no formatting that I can tell.

Is this normal? Is the default theme supposed to look this bad? Or did something get screwed up in the installation? I didn't personally do the install, nor have I worked on the themes/templates on the previous install, another admin did that, but I'm on the hook for this version, and I'm at a loss. I didn't expect that I'd have to be editting hundreds of style sheet elements to get them to even appear, I just figured I'd be updated color pallates and adding images...

Sorry if I sound horridly new to all this, but I am. Smile
I think I say this every day :-/

It obviously isn't normal... make sure ./cache/ and ./cache/themes/ are CHMOD to 777, all folders inside here are 777 and files inside are 666. If that doesn't do it, view the source of your page, click the link for global.css, and if it gives a 403 error, ask your host to whitelist you against mod_security.
I'm terribly sorry if this has been discussed before. I'll try refining my search to see if there's a helpful discussion on the topic.
Well, did you try what I said to check...?? That's basically all you'll need to do.
I haven't tried it because I don't have the information yet to login to the server. I previously did not handle any of this side of the administration, so I'm trying to get the server login information. Once there, I'll check what you suggested.
Worked like a charm, thanks so much, Matt!
No problem Smile