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Well, please rate.

SEO has been done on the main page, but I haven't updated so we've been put down a lot of ranks.
Once you get past the front page. Which looks cool but hard to navigate you get to a forum that has no viewable areas for non registered.
For me i cant review at all. For obvious reasons.
So its a 0/10 for me.

(Why ask for a review on a protected forum?, Need members?)
I rate 0/10 just like Damink, for reasons stated above. You can't review a forum that requires you to register.
The frontpage is simplistic and I think that's good. Logo and forum icon look great. Maybe you should make the text a little different though. A simple background or something, the current black on white looks really plain.
sorry but i give you only a 3/10 .
The 1 because of your header, and 1st page
nope.. not gonna register
Its takes time, to discover, that You need at frontpage click on this black image...
I am not gonna do the classic x/10 but i will tell you this, if users navigate to your site looking for a forum and can't easily find a Link they will leave and not care. it took me a minute to find the forums because i needed to scroll down, and the font was hard to read. Also never have your full forum non-viewable, if members can't see your content they have no reason to sign up. Most people who can see the forum sign up, unless you don't know what you are talking about.

I suggest putting a few links up near the image at the top easy to read images or just plain text. Although if that was my forum i would remove the first page and ad what ever you have to say in announcements. i would also make all forums viewable at least most, if you have some sort of VIP area then obviously don't and if you want members to have a reason to sign up hide on sub forum from Guests that has information they would be looking for.
Ok, i've taken this all on board, and I will make changes.
I'm only going to register because I love music.

But, if you want others to register, you must let them preview your forums first. I.E change the permissions