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Full Version: Permissions Problem
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Is there any reason MyBB disallows viewing of threads when I disallow replies? Whenever I disable replies for a forum the users cannot view any threads. Sad
It's a known issue, it's fixed for 1.4.5, just click Edit Permissions/Set Permissions and re-tick the box.
So there's no fix for 1.4.4? I just have to wait for 1.4.5?
Well it's not like you can't get it to work, as I said, just go into the advanced permissions and fix it up. And the fix is posted in the fixed bugs section somewhere too.

Edit: Ok, this is quoted from the bug report:

Ryan Gordon Wrote:Try this. In admin/inc/functions.php find:

PHP Code:
$query2 $db->simple_select("forumpermissions""canviewthreads,candlattachments,canratethreads,caneditposts,candeleteposts,candeletethreads,caneditattachments,canvotepolls,cansearch""fid='{$fid}' AND gid='{$usergroup['gid']}'", array('limit' => 1));
$existing_permissions $db->fetch_array($query2); 

add after

PHP Code:
$query2 $db->simple_select("usergroups""canviewthreads,candlattachments,canratethreads,caneditposts,candeleteposts,candeletethreads,caneditattachments,canvotepolls,cansearch""gid='{$usergroup['gid']}'", array('limit' => 1));
$existing_permissions $db->fetch_array($query2);

Tried, tested, and confirmed to work.