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Full Version: send mail containing all the new posts/thread from some chosen time
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I've seen this on some forums (not MyBB) that there is a way to sign to get a mail containing every post/thread that was posted form the last time of visit or from the last week or some other time you chose.
this is something that
1) can help me, as the admin (and, for now, the only one), so that I don't have to sign into my site every few minutes/hours to see if someone had posted some question, and do to the fact that we all do not seat at our computers 24/7 (I do have a job), it'll be a good way to send me an alert to my cellular phone.
2) Can show my registered users of any new documents I posted.

Can this be done in MyBB? I know that this is, very, close to the 'syndication' option, but a lot of my potential clients don't understand anything beyond a simple mail.

This is a built-in feature for MyBB 1.4.X. See this page from the Wiki:


This feature is depended on a user clicking on subscribe when he/she creates it (or reply's to it). What I want is something (as I said) close to the syndication, when you get news from the forum about every new (created or posted to) thread/post even when you're not subscribe to it.
for example - I get every week from sofaware (a router building company) a mail containing all the new questions uses/guests send to there support forum.
Again, this is NOT a subscription for a specific forum, but a subscription to the full forum.