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Full Version: mod rewrite helpH
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I'm stuck with the Mod Re-write, when it's enabled and I click a link it's not found. I've tried fiddling with the .htaccess but not sure what to do.

I've contact support at GoDaddy and they confirmed it should work.
Are you using the SEO mybb provides?
(Feb 22, 2009, 04:42 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Are you using the SEO mybb provides?

And that might be? I want to do the URL 'nice' URL re-write you see. I'd say we've optimized our site nicely so far.
As in the SEO provided by MyBB as opposed to a SEO plugin... which I think is what you are using.
If you think you're going to just do htaccess changes for mod_rewrite you're in trouble.

Mybb already comes with a mod_rewrite setup you just need to activate it. Read over at Mybboard on how to do that. I use Mybb Central for plugin and customizing help.