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I want the logo of my forum to have no padding, but the navbar and login box to have some padding. I can't find anything in the global.css file to change that, because I don't see any logo or header in the styles.
Basically, I want the logo to be pushed out all the way like the one here at MyBB Central, without white space:
It currently looks like this:
Thanks in advance for any help.
Btw, I can make the logo bigger, that's not a problem, just need the CSS to be right.
Taking a quick look at your website, based on Firebug, go to your ACP -> Templates, open the template set for your theme and find the header template.

Then find the <div class="logo"> div, and move it to before the <div id="container"> div, So you would have something like this:

Quote:<div class="logo">Logo HTML here, think it's just a link and an image.</div>
<div id="contents">... ...

I hope my instructions were useful for you. .. And on a side note, you might want to look into setting up a background for the logo's container, as it looks strange on my larger resolution.
Thanks for the reply Sephiroth.
Well, I guess if I made the image bigger I could get my desired effect, but still...
I'm looking for some edit to the CSS, so it looks similar to the one at MyBB Central.
Why not view my css and xhtml to see what I did? I am using a background for that area.
I think the "container" tag that my logo is in has some padding set.
I want to keep padding for the main posts though...