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Full Version: TalkForStuff - Buy stuff for talking(like eBooks,...), ...
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Just installed tabbed menus, ... =).
Hope you guys like it, i'm planning on adding a few more forums now i've got the space ( thanks to tabbed menus Wink )
I'm also holding a theming contest. Whoever creates the best TalkForStuff theme for MyBB will be rewarded!

Please rate it! Smile.
Thank you,
- Shadows Smile.
It's a neat site. I saw it before from CW.
I can't really find anywhere though that tells you exactly what you get. Sad
Site isn't responding.
Aww. Well it's that my hosting's quite slow at the moment, should be fast now though..
@Ricardo click on TP Store in header Smile.
- Shadows.
Im a member there as i wanted to be to get plaza plugins. 3 posts etc.
Not a bad site. Bit hard to navigate i thought though. Just my opinion on the issue.
Worth the join if you want the goodies though.
And I want da goodies!! Big Grin

I love the site Wink