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Full Version: Quick Portal News
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This might be usefull in videogames communities, tech or specific animes.

You have to move the thread to the right forum (which you stated in the ACP by giving its FID) so it appears in the portal. I want something easier. Some link in the thread that allows certain groups (which should be edited with the GID) to click it and quickly put the thread in the portal.

This is handy for a videogames forum as I said. Imagine if a user posts a new thread like "GTA V coming this year!".. and for the thread appear in the portal, it needs to me moved to the right forum which you stated in the ACP. I want a quick way, some button or link.. whatever, and certain groups are allowed to click it. And then it would be quickly posted in the portal without moving the thread from the forums.

Did someone understand it?
So and labrocca, is it possible?
So basically you want to choose specific posts rather than have the pulled from a particular forum??
Yep, I want to put the first post in the portal, just like the other news in the portal.. Basically I want the same as other things in the portal, the "Replies" link which would redirect to the thread, the email button and such..