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Full Version: Delete bounced emails?
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At the moment i have alot of users with dud emails, since at the beginning of having my forums up i had instant activation set up.

is there anyway i can delete the users when their email bounces? Like change the bounce email to have a "to delete this user click this link" or move the user into a different usergroup.
Right now you can't do that. Your best bet is to use my Prune Members plugin and periodically delete members not activated. In order to do it by a bounce you would need to integrate a script into your servers MTA. So unless you have that type of access to your server it's a dead end for most.
or you could look at an easier way

add a purge link in the bounced emails, and it will take that user ID and delete it.

vbulletin has a plugin just like it.
That's assuming you get the bounced emails into a pop box to click it. Getting bounced emails into your pop box is going to give you alot of crap potentially. I have bounces going to a blackhole.
the bounces go to my email.