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Full Version: Dice rolls?
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I know it exists for VB, it's basically a mod. that allows a user to simulate a dice roll.

It comes in handy for forums that have role playing text games that utilize such things.

Aside from that it could also help create unofficial games, such as dice battles etc. And while I'm aware that external dice rollers exist, it's better if it's built into the forum as the user can't make up their roll.

As for how to display the results, I think image based dices would be better but if not, text would be fine.
I think this is pretty cool actually.
Kujoe is making one on
At least he is trying and I wish him luck. Looks like he may be struggling a bit.
(Feb 27, 2009, 12:59 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]At least he is trying and I wish him luck. Looks like he may be struggling a bit.

According to him its done except one line of code.
He seems to still be struggling with it Sad

Hopefully he's able to finish it though as I could definitely use this.
Making a MyCode dice probably won't work well...since a user can just edit a post, and get a different number?
Correct, however you can check to see if a user edited their post or not.

Whereas if you just tell a user, go to <dice rolling website> and post the result, they can just make something up. So it's still better than nothing. Ideally it would be good if it was something like:

<User's post>
<username> rolled a 1 & 4.

But that would probably be more complex so I'd be satisfied with just the MyCode.
So who would you expect dice rolls to work?

In each post? When does the roll occur...when posted?

What's the function of this "dice roll" to begin with? I assume it's some ill concieved forum RPG game.
For a dice roll to work, there should be a "dice roll" button next to new reply that creates the roll in an uneditable post. But, the more I think about it, I don't think it's a very useful idea to begin with.
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