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Full Version: SpazioxGiovani
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I have a site Smile
It isn't so cool but... if you want visit it Smile

You can see the mybb clicking on forum.

In this site you are free to do everything (correctly Smile )
Talk about film (and view it), talk about sport,habbo, computer, internet, school and many others things Smile
although i didnt understand what was written(had to use a translator)
i liked your site
you need to post more info though
i liked the header
do check my site tooTongue
The header is great and I love the home page...
The text for the forum banner needs a bit of work.
Seems like a Habbo fansite?
@glenvarun now i post more info Smile
I'm registered now at ur site Big Grin

@ricardo thx Smile is also a fansite... but it isn't is principal functions.
I have an official habbo fansite in italia... (using mybb)
So i don't want to follow u site for habbo Tongue