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Full Version: CMS for Mybb
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Not sure if this belongs here. Anyways I've searched everywhere but I can't find any good reliable cms/portal systems that integrate with mybb other than mkportal which is slow on updates. Does anyone know of any others?
I don't think any exist...
I would really like a Joomla/e107 bridge with MyBB though.
Not that hard to make pages that integrate with mybb yourself though so why the whole CMS? I hate using them. Feels like you have your hands behind your back. To be honest i would never use a CMS. If simply to make a homepage thats different then simple i would think. That feeds latest posts to members only i would also think would not be that hard. Never tried but thinking i will now. If i can and suspect i will i will post how i did it. Then one may theories all pages there after would be easy? CSS etc.
You could always use the portal.php file for now to show the latest important announcements.
mkportal has an unofficial hack to make it work with mybb 1.4. In some ways I love mkportal, in others I absolutely hate it.

Might want to give it a try though.
i know im using it atm but its slow for updates...
Didn't use to be that way, but I have noticed that it's changed. I remember it back a couple years ago. I might try to build something on my own, but that probably won't be for quite a while. I took over development, at least for a little, for a bulletin board script. So that and a few other various projects get my focus.