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The ads are very annoying. Especially that yellow bar that follows me when I scroll O.o

Overall, the place just frustrates me. Sorry but thats what I get when I visit

also, it looks like MyBB because of the Vision theme, but it says its powered by DestinyBB, is that some sort of MyBB nockoff or something?
Not great but not terrible. I don't understand the forums focus.
what the hell is destinybb
Well since MyBB is open source now it's possible that the OP made their own version off it, similar to PunBB/FluxBB except that Flux was made because of other reasons..
actually, the forum used to run on phpbb, destinybb is now kensei board, the site is now mybb.

the forum was just a music promoting thing, like soundclick, but it got its own site.

its now for free web hosting. you talk about anyting and earn points.

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Right... So it's a giant free style chat forum basically!? lol

Honestly the theme is very blah and boring. Very flat! Has absolutely no depth to it at all. The content seems very scattered to a very annoying extent. The font/text in the banner is very jacked up, pixelated, and hard to read!! Sorry but its not good at all. Like Labrocca said its not terrible but not great. Far from great...