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1.How many euros are 5$?
More or lesS of 5€?

2. If i download a plugin can i translate it? (no distributing it)
Because my users doesn't speak english

3. If i download a plugin can i use it in 2 forums? (no distributing it)

4. Can i buy without paypal?

Sorry i don't saw the other forum section :S
1) 1 Euro = 1.2698 U.S. dollars
2) I believe so yes.
3) I believe so yes.
4) I believe so yes. There are a couple of other ways to gain Subscriber status.
Also note many of my plugins are language compatible so that it's easy to translate them. I had a German translator do a ton of my plugins as well.
Thank you!
Yesterday i try to pay but...he say that i must register to complete :S

so today after school i do that Big Grin