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Full Version: Hello!
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Hello, I'm michele and I live in Italy....
Hope to download some plugins..Rolleyes
Welcome to MyBBCentral, enjoy.
Welcome to the site.

In order to download plugins from Mybb Central you must upgrade your account and be a paid subscriber. More information is available here:
Welcome. Becoming a subscriber was the best $5 ever spent!

I have to ask. You are a female italian yes...... (yummy)
Sorry about that. Hard to resist. Anyways welcome to Central. Like above said. $5 goes a long way here. A small price and you get loads and loads of plugins of the highest calibre. Best money i suspect every subscriber has spent. (should cost more actually!!).
Anywow welcome to Central and yes im the forum clown. Smile So dont ever take me to seriously. Smile
Welcome to MyBB Central michele! Wink
Hi Michele,

Welcome to the forum!!!
Welcome to MyBB Central! Make sure you've read the PM that was sent to your inbox prior to your registration! Other than that, have fun and enjoy your time here =D