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Hello There,

I am trying to disable the post icon in my private messaging area. It is already disabled in the FORUM but when a registered user chooses to send a private message to another registered user it allows for the POST ICON again? I have researched the ADMIN panel and do not see this anywhere in order to disable in the private messaging section.

I am new and in the testing phase for my site. Any thoughts are helpful.

Moved, this isn't about a plugin.

You should be able to just remove the code from the template.
Sorry Matt..

I did not realize that was plugin section only. I have checked the templates and there is no code referring to {$posticons} to delete? Anymore advice would be appreciated.
private messaging templates > private_send
is the template I think.
Yep, after quickly using the template search feature, searching for 'posticons' gives a result of private_send.
Thanks Extreme and Matt..

I was looking in private option not private_send. Now I know. Thanks for the quick help you guys..
You're quite welcome
Just for future reference Matt, What template search feature are you referring about? I do not see a keyword search within the templates.
The tab in the Templates section called Search/Replace...
Thanks Matt..

That is a great feature. I wish I had researched that option earlier. I have been manually looking for code. Thats going to save me a lot of time in the future.