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Full Version: Has anyone made a MYBB tutorial WEBCAST
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I was just wondering if anyone has made a Tutorial that is broadcasted as a video or perhaps a webcast. There are so many features and ideas when it comes to this software. We can tweek so many things and really make it our own.

Big Thanks to all the coders out there and the Mybbcentral team for running this site. Perhaps that can be a new thread sometime if there isn't one already. Mybb video tutorials I feel will do very well.
I've been meaning to for aaaaaaaages.
Sounds good. Let me know when you complete one.

I made a small one today:

It's only on installing and I'm still getting used to the capturing and the annotations on YouTube but I think it's OK. Anything you'd particularly want a video of??
No special requests just yet. I was just asking earlier so I could go to that link or thread. Thanks..
Umm what was the purpose of putting your forum link into your topic?

I removed it. I am new to this site and since this is a MYBB forum many users usually show there own site developed with MYBB. You do not appear to be a admin or moderator? Is there a problem with posting a link to your own forum? I thought this was a community to help each other and to share ideas.

This is a community to help each other and share ideas, but randomly placing links that in no way contribute to the topic in your posts is discouraged. I do not have to be a staff member here to know that.
No Problem Zash.

Thanks for the advice..