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Full Version: How to add this pls see
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how can i make this pls see the photo:


and how can i make this:

In order to download plugins from Mybb Central you must upgrade your account and be a paid subscriber. More information is available here:
pls tell me way how to paid now?
What the hell?? I gave you a link earlier, the link is in the post just above yours, you got a PM when you registered, and you're still asking how to subscribe?? Seriously??

Click here
i have MasterCard from my friend, but when i try to select my contry not in list. my contry is Kosova.

i dont have paypal!

i paid to 15usd to via paypal from my friend but he is offline now.

really im happy with all support from mybb team. and im ready also to paid more...
Please, us a translator. -rollseyes-
(Mar 08, 2009, 04:29 PM)Combo Wrote: [ -> ]Please, us a translator. -rollseyes-

OK, basically, his country does not allow him to make subscriptions. However, he was able to send me direct money via PayPal in order to get a subscription. I think he wants to do that with Labrocca.

You should PM him.
(Mar 08, 2009, 04:29 PM)Combo Wrote: [ -> ]Please, us a translator. -rollseyes-

sorry for my eglish and thank you for u idea!
can u help me i whant to pay 5 usd for subscribt but can u sent me u email of paypal ?

problem to me is i dont have paypal adres but i will pay from my friend

sorry for my english.
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