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TalkAdmin just started. We have set up a resources page and a hosts page.

Any criticism is welcome!
I like that theme but not sure it's appropriate for your content. Also is a great domain. Goodluck with it.
I'm looking for a new theme. If I can't find one I might buy a custom one.

Thanks. Smile
I'll help you look Wink
Nice theme and what Labrocca already said a nice domain. Only maybe you need some more forums like a software zone?

Goodluck with it!
Nice skin but I'd try to modify it so that it doesn't look like a wine forum...
Quote:There are new reputations since your last check. You control in the AdminCP.

i am getting this message on my forum everytime i visit the forum
Webmaster seems like a hard topic for a forum, but I'll definitely join and post some Smile