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Full Version: Header image changes according to forum topic
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Hi Labrocca,

I have been searching the mods and plugins and cannot find what I am looking for. Coding it myself is way too crazy for my brain.

I am looking for a plugin that will change the header logo when a new forum or catagory is visited.

So if I visit a forum discussing cars then a car specific header image pops up. If the visitor visits computer forums then a computer type image is found in the header. This is on one board! So on the Index page your have your normal logo, then when they click into a catagory or forum topic the header changes!

Is there something like this already, could you consider coding a plugin?

Are you asking for something like this:
Hi Elegant Totality,

Almost, if the visitor had to click on the psp catagory then when that opens, I would like the Consol World logo to be tweeked with a PSP or something on it - for example. Then if the visitor clicks on the Tech Zone Catagory then a other Consol World logo with a techy type tweek to it. So the Consol World logo changes according to the topic you are viewing.

Hope that makes more sense.

Thanks for the reply though. can be done with a plugin. Let me know if you want this custom and I can PM you a quote. It won't cost that much to do this.