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Full Version: How much bandwidth
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I want to start a forum, ofcourse I hope for some success Tongue. But how much visitors can I have with 20GB bandwidth?

20GB is plenty, especially for a new forum.
Okay, like 400 unique visitors a day right?

First I need build my forum Tongue.

Yeah 400 a day sounds right. There are things you can do to save bandwidth like move images to free hosts. Disable attachments. Lower limits on avatars. Optimize all current images. Turn on compression. 20GB is probably enough but there are lots of cheap hosting choices for like $4-$8 a month that offer 1000GB+ so why choose a cheap crap host with only 20GB?
Agree with both above posts. But what strikes me is the fact you dont even have a forum running yet. And to expect or hope for 400 uniques is a big call. Perhaps start on the host you have and if you start getting your 400 uniques then you could add adds and other things to allow you to pay for it without out of pocket expenses. Just my thoughts ofcourse.
my forum only uses 15GB a month :|
And you can handle your regulars just fine. So if he cant get the Smile 400 a day uniques then its not an issues. True?