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Full Version: Active Level Bar
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Can i have active level bar plugin in mybb. Active level bar shown in every postbit.
What would the active level bar do?
to show that member have active in forum and also a good forumer..
I don't have that plugin here.
(Mar 17, 2009, 03:58 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]I don't have that plugin here.

I think thats why it was posted in Requests and Suggestions?
Might be wrong though.
I would like this as well. Hope someone makes it Tongue
in other word, we can called it as the progress bar.. Big Grin
It will happen. Perhaps not here but somewhere. Perhaps free perhaps paid. But its something needed for MyBB IMHO.
We as MyBB users want to be #1. Without simple options like these we will never be.
Well, then you'd have to find out what exactly "active" is. because the bar is filling up, what exactly is full?
Mmm, that's what I never get about these bars. Is it against a set level or relative to other users??
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