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Full Version: Competitions/contest plugin
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Hi there,

I think it would be useful when holding an event on my forum to have a competitions plugin.

It would be like this, you can add a new competition in the ACP then change the question using MyCode and be able to set answers out of a list of fields (e.g. text box radio buttons ect) and be able to set a due date for entries, then you could either read the entries or pick one at random inside the ACP and publish that in the competitions archive or something.

I would find this really useful, I hope you like my idea
I would like this as well.
I like your idea. I can't say I will have the time to add this to my project list but maybe another author will pick this up for you.
There was a suggestion at about quiz type thing for polls.
(Mar 21, 2009, 05:15 AM)joshuam08 Wrote: [ -> ]I would like this as well.
We need this please