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Full Version: Text Encrption
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Got some crazy idea so i though to post it here. Big Grin
So , this plugin is suppose to encrypt text in special mytag for exemple
[myencrpyt]This txt[/myencrypt]
And only users with special group can read and write this kind of text, the rest should see something like
I really like this idea!

I really want to see something for this!!

So, you would type it in [encrypt]EXAMPLE[/encrypt]

and for a certain group it shows EXAMPLE

but for everyone else its "JKL:FDKA##($)#)@)_"

Hmm...I like this idea as well. I might even be able to use it.
Hehe , glad you like it , but is it possible to code?
this should defo be made into a plugin.
Great idea. Great idea actually. I would love to see this released. I certainly would use it. More simply to piss off members when mods etc want to talk but still would be funny.

Or change a spoiler plugin to require a password to view spoiler?
I like it as well. Tongue
Hmm this great idea, would be useful to encrypt links.