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Full Version: subscription for v 1.2 and 1.4?
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hi, i paid for subscription in the 1.2 plugin forum cause i have that version, when i opened the 1.4 forum it asked me to subscribe again to download. We have to pay again for the 1.4 version to download?
You shouldn't do, being a subscriber should give you access to all downloads...
true i can download i'm sorry, but i can still see the message in the top part of the page that i need to subscribe. I don't see it in the 1.2 section, you should remove it cause someone not very bright like me, might assume that it is necessary to subscribe for 1.4 once more....

And the top of the 1.2 forum area doesn't even have the subscriber header. That displayed to everyone in the 1.4x area. You're the first to be confused.
well like i said i'm not very bright, i thought that there was a subscription header in the 1.2 section and that it disappeared when i registered, sorry.
Oh, I see what you mean now, I thought you meant it was going to a no perms page when you tried to download. That message shows to everyone, just using the forum rules setting I guess.