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Full Version: Attachment Problem
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i'm having attachment upload problem right now. Every time i want to upload my attachment it show an error like this..

"The file upload failed. Please choose a valid file and try again. Error details: The attachment could not be found on the server."

Is this happen with the plugin that i've installed..
Make sure to chmod the folder 777.

What's the plugin?
Never touch the chmod file.. Already in 777 for upload file..
You aren't giving enough info to diagnose the problem. Ask your host about it.
He gave me his FTP details and i chmoded the uploads folder to 777. When i try change the permissions for the directories in the upload folder i get a permissions error. He has already contacted his host about it and they say it is nothing to do with them.
Does it say a 550 error when changing the CHMOD?? If it does, then it is a host issue as I had it once. If it is that code, and they're saying it's not their problem, I'm quite sure they're not being entirely truthful.
it shows

"FileOp Failure on: /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/uploads/200903: Operation not permitted"

and change it back to 755
Yes, exactly, 'Operation not permitted'. It's a host issue.